Main Trainers in Integrative Psychotherapy and ARPI Supervisors

Dr. Gina Chiriac
Dr. Gina ChiriacARPI President
Founding President of the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy
Coralina Chiriac
Coralina ChiriacARPI Trainer
Joanna Kato
Joanna KatoARPI Trainer
Joanna-Hewitt-EvansARPI Trainer
Angela Carr
Angela CarrARPI Trainer
Ms. Angela Carr is a member of the UK Counseling Center for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
Gabriela Stoltz
Gabriela StoltzARPI Trainer
Ioan Andronic
Ioan AndronicARPI Trainer
Julliane Appel-Opper
Julliane Appel-OpperARPI Trainer
Daniela Porumbu
Daniela PorumbuARPI Trainer

ARPI Review Committee

Dr. Gina Chiriac – Principal Tutore

Angela Carr, Joanna Kato – EAIP Representatives

Dr. Ioana Golu – External guest examiner (ARPI exams are taking place in this structure for 8 years)

Collaborators ARPI

Stefan Cepoi
Stefan CepoiARPI Collaborator
Erna Constantin
Erna ConstantinARPI Collaborator
Aurelia Moraru
Aurelia MoraruARPI Collaborator
Rodica Matei
Rodica MateiARPI Collaborator
Florinda Golu
Florinda GoluPsychologist Clinician