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The english-romanian training program, in masteral system, runs with the accreditation of the College of Psychologists from Romania and under the aegis of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

ARPI is an E.A.I.P. representative in Romania for obtaining the European Integrative Psychotherapist Certificate. ARPI is full member E.A.I.P.

We are happy to invite you to join the community of integrative psychotherapists!

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ARPI Course Enrollments 2017
We are glad to welcome you in the professional field of this beautiful and provocative healing of life!

calendar icon - psihoterapie integrativaCourses:

Personal development – 150 hours

ARPI basic training – 550 hours – includes 11 modules/year and runs on weekends.

perioada icon -psihoterapie integrativaEnrollment period

Deadline for enrollment: 1 november 2017

Start date of the courses: 15 november 2017

locatie -psihoterapie integrativaCity: Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova, Constanta, Iasi, Sibiu, Timisoara, Cluj

pret - psihoterapie integrativaPret: Bucharest – 130 euro/module

Other cities: 95 euro/module

trainer - psihoterapie integrativaTrainer: Dr. Gina Chiriac, Joanna Hewitt Evans, Angela Carr, Joanna Kato, Dr. Gabriela Stoltz, Dr. Ioan Andronic, Psih. Coralina Chiriac , Dr. Julliane Appel-Opper, Dana Porumbu, Florinda Golu

Subscriptions and additional information: arpi.inscrieri@yahoo.com


ARPI is nationally accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania and European by EAIP – European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.

ARPI graduates receive a certificate of free practice in integrated psychotherapy and a European Psychotherapist Certificate.

The basic training in Integrative Psychotherapy is achieved in over 2 years (550 hours) and has the following objectives:

  • acquiring basic theoretical knowledge through the study of psychotherapy techniques
  • practical applications for acquiring the necessary skills in psychotherapeutic practice.
  • acquiring the notions of ethics and deontology, of the legislative aspects necessary for psychotherapeutic practice.

Advantages of ARPI integrative psychotherapy courses

The ARPI Teaching Staff consists of many personalities of European psychotherapy and brings a vast clinical experience in Romania both in the teaching process and in the development of the practical activities carried out during the formative and supervising program.

Due to the presence of UK trainers and supervisors: MA Joanna Hewitt Evans, MA Angela Carr, psych. Prince. Gina Chiriac. Access to obtaining the European Psychotherapist certificate that grants the right of our graduates to practice psychotherapy in Europe is done in a professional manner specific to psychotherapeutic interventions in European countries.

Teaching Style

ARPI policy highlights the quality of the training process and not the extension to territory or as no. of students, according to the policy of British schools of psychotherapy. We also respect the number of places so that there is an optimal training process for each participant who wants to become a psychotherapist.

The Romanian academic life is represented by outstanding personalities such as: Dr. Gabriela Stoltz, Dr. Ioan Andronic, Dr. Florinda Golu, Dr. Dana Porumbu.