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calendar icon - psihoterapie integrativaCourse time: 

Supervision in Integrative Psychotherapy (200 hours)
Personal development (50 hours)
Clinical practice supervised in the office (400 hours)

perioada icon -psihoterapie integrativaPeriod: 7 modules

locatie -psihoterapie integrativaCity: Bucharest, Iași, Sibiu, Brașov, Timișoara, Constanța, Craiova

pret - psihoterapie integrativaPrice: 140 eur/module – 1 year si 6 months

trainer - psihoterapie integrativaTrainer:Dr. Gina Chiriac, Angela Carr, Drd. Coralina Chiriac, Joanna Kato, Joanna Hewitt Evans




Professional supervision in integrative psychotherapy is a professional activity carried out in the form of a training course, conducted by the practitioner psychotherapist with a certified practice of supervision supervised in a contractual relation with a main psychologist or a specialist certified by the College of Psychologists from Romania in the aim of training and developing professional competences adapted to integrative psychotherapy.
Supervisor psychologist status gives the primary psychologist / specialist the right to supervise the work of psychologists under supervision, on the line of competence they need to develop.

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Why you need it

Supervision courses are aimed at all those interested in practicing the profession of integrative psychotherapist and it is a compulsory stage in practicing the profession, according to law 213/2004.

The attestation of a psychologist practicing under supervision in integrative psychotherapy is obtained from the College of Psychologists in Romania, after obtaining a license in psychology (or related field: medicine, social assistance, theology etc.) and attending the basic training in integrative psychotherapy.
After obtaining the free practice certificate under supervision, the practitioner integrative psychotherapist can carry out the activities circumscribed by the general and specific competences, only under supervision, in a legal framework of practicing the profession of psychologist.
Upon completion of the mandatory supervision period of at least 600 hours over a two-year period, the applicant submits a file to the College of Psychologists in Romania for obtaining an attestation of free independent practice.

Supervision courses

Structure of supervision courses


The courses take place in the form of group supervision and individual supervision seminars that ensure the psychotherapeutic process in which the clients’ cases are presented and analyzed alongside the work of the supervised psychotherapist.
Supervision is also a process of supporting ethical and professional values and ensuring the maintenance of the quality of the therapeutic act.
A major objective of the supervision is to define a proper style of intervention and to experiment with the co-creation of the therapeutic relationship, to deepen the knowledge gained and to apply in the practice of the studied techniques tailored to the specific of the therapeutic intervention.

Supervision in Integrative Psychotherapy (200 hours):

  • What is supervised person?
  • What is supervision?
  • Supervisory elements
  • Forms and contexts of supervision
  • Supervisor behavior
  • Interview with a future supervisor
  • Supervision contract
  • Using the supervision group
  • Advantages of group supervision
  • Conflict in supervision and its appearance

Methodological Annexes (Maria Gilbert & Michael Carroll)

  • Bidirectional contract
  • Evaluation of the supervision session
  • Evaluation sheet for supervised persons
  • Surveillance sheet
  • Introduction to supervision
  • Episode of emotional skills
  • The list of feelings
  • List of ways to facilitate learning

Supervision Course Diploma