Course Information

calendar icon - psihoterapie integrativaCourse time: 150 hours

perioada icon -psihoterapie integrativaPeriod: 20-30 hours/module

locatie -psihoterapie integrativaCity: Bucharest, Iași, Sibiu, Brașov, Timișoara, Constanța, Craiova

pret - psihoterapie integrativaPrice: 200 RON/students – 10 modules/year;

130 eur (when the courses are included in the basic training) / module – 7 modules

trainer - psihoterapie integrativaTrainer: Dr. Gina Chiriac, Joanna Hewitt Evans, Angela Carr, Joanna Kato, Dr. Gabriela Stoltz, Dr. Ioan Andronic, Psih. Coralina Chiriac , Dr. Julliane Appel-Opper, Dana Porumbu, Florinda Golu

The courses are addressed to all persons interested in personal development regardless of their specialization or their level of education.

What is personal development?

We invite students from psychology / sociology / psycho-pedagogy to begin personal development from the faculty to improve their entire relational system. Students will receive graduation diplomas that they will be able to use for their CV. The hours of personal development made during the faculty will be recognized by ARPI and IESTCA as being part of the training program in the profession of integrative psychotherapist.

Personal development includes activities and experiences aimed at improving awareness, developing talents and personal abilities, improving the quality of life, and helping to achieve personal aspirations and dreams.

Defined sometimes self-development, personal development refers to activities and experiences that improve your life in all its aspects: relationships with others, careers, health, education and professional development, spirituality.

Personal development is a continuous process and is done by the desire of each of us to evolve, to become better and to self-indulge.
However, this concept is not limited solely to the individual level but also includes activities for the development of others as a teacher, counselor, manager, coach or mentor.

Why you need it

Personal development courses are aimed at those who, regardless of their profession or level of education, want to know better and develop in a personal way to students regardless of faculty, including psychology, to all those interested in psychology, self-knowledge, communication, who want to transform their lives or to help others have a better life.

Structure of personal development courses

The personal development stage consists of 200 hours in the following modules:

  • Group Integrative Psychotherapy, Methods and Techniques Applied in Practice (20 hours)
  • Self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence (20 hours)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management (40 hours)
  • Communication and social skills (30 hours)
  • Creative problem solving (30 hours)
  • Individual and group therapy. About Beliefs (20 hours)
  • Personal development techniques applied to stress management. Relaxation and mindfulness techniques (40 hours)

What you get?

Following the participation in the personal development courses, the students obtain:

– Diploma attesting to the 200 hours (credits) of personal development, useful both for the cv and for the recognition of the practice classes at the faculties

– Diploma attesting to personal development recognized as the precursor stage under the legal framework in force (Law No. 213/2014) – as part of the basic training program as an integrative psychotherapist in ARPI and IESTCA.

The diploma is recognized by the College of Psychologists in Romania as part of the ARPI and IETSCA accredited program.

This diploma gives access to practicing the profession of psychotherapist and is part of the professional training of the future psychotherapist for obtaining the certificate of free practice in integrated psychotherapy and of the European Integrated Psychotherapist Certificate (EAIP).

– Diploma of personal development recognized by the Ministry of Education, which allows the practice of counseling in its own cabinet, regardless of the educational path. After obtaining this diploma, you get the right to practice in the individual cabinet, whether you are a student or a graduate of psychological studies.

So you can have a diploma to open, respecting the legal framework, a cabinet where you can work from the faculty, or even if you are not enrolled in a psychology faculty, but you want to have tools or methods of intervention through which to improve the life of your clients.

Please note: Students have the possibility to apply after-10 personal development modules to customer intervention techniques, on issues specific to the study program.

Personal Development Course Diploma