Course Information

calendar icon - psihoterapie integrativaCourse time: 550 hours

perioada icon -psihoterapie integrativaPeriod: 30 hours/module

locatie -psihoterapie integrativaCity: Bucharest, Iași, Sibiu, Brașov, Timișoara, Constanța, Craiova

pret - psihoterapie integrativaPrice: Bucharest: 130 euro/module – 11 modules/year;

Other cities: 99 euro/module – 11 modules/year;

trainer - psihoterapie integrativaTrainer: Dr. Gina Chiriac, Joanna Hewitt Evans, Angela Carr, Joanna Kato, Dr. Gabriela Stoltz, Dr. Ioan Andronic, Psih. Coralina Chiriac , Dr. Julliane Appel-Opper, Dana Porumbu, Florinda Golu

Courses take place on weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sometimes only on Saturday and Sunday.


What is ARPI basic training?


Basic training is a training program for those who wish to practice the profession of integrative psychotherapist.
Every practitioner with a right to free practice in Romania is trained in a certain form of psychotherapy.
National legislation regulating the profession of psychotherapist (Law of Psychologist – 213/2004) provides for the obligation to undergo training in a specific psychotherapeutic approach in order to be able to practice.
Also, the personal development phase (200 hours) needed to base the basic training is part of the ARPI offer and is attended by the theoretical training courses.
The ARPI training program is accredited by the Romanian Psychologists’ College, is conducted under the aegis of the European Psychotherapy Association and is in accordance with the training standards of E.A.I.P. (European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy).

Why you need it

The basic training course is aimed at all those who want to become integrative psychotherapists.

According to the law, one can undergo psychotherapy training and then practice as psychotherapists accredited by the College of Psychologists, the following categories:

  • Licensing in psychology
  • Holders of a bachelor’s degree assimilated to the philosophy, philosophy-history or socio-human sciences (graduates up to 1990)
  • Graduates of psycho-sociology, special psycho-pedagogy and psychology under the conditions of double specialization (starting with 1991)
  • Graduates of medicine, social work and theology



Basic theoretical training is achieved over 600 hours and has the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Knowledge of theoretical basic theoretical knowledge through the study of psychotherapy techniques
  • Practical applications for acquiring the necessary skills in psychotherapeutic practice;
  • Accepting the notions of ethics and deontology, of the legislative aspects necessary for psychotherapeutic practice.



1. Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy (80 hours)
2. Applied research, experimental designs in integrative psychotherapy. (30 hours)
3. Techniques and methods of intervention in integrative psychotherapy (220 hours)
3.1. Integration of clinical psychology elements and TCC procedures (40 hours)
3.2. Integration of Ericksonian Hypnosis Techniques (40 hours)
3.3. Integration of Gestalt Therapy Elements (60 hours)
3.4. Integration of psychoanalytic psychotherapy elements (40 hours)
3.5. Integration of individual and group work techniques, expression through art therapy and body expression – role play, psychodrama (40 hours)
4. Integration of psychotherapists / Residential camps (100 hours)
5. Applications of Integrative Psychotherapy (at option 1 or 2-160 hours)
5.1. Schedule 1 (160 hours)
Applications of integrative psychotherapy in couples and family therapy (80 hours);
b. Applications of Integrative Psychotherapy in Child Therapy (80 hours).
5.2. Schedule 2 (160 hours)
a. Applications of integrative psychotherapy within the social framework. Elements of organizational therapy (80 hours)
b. Application of integrative psychotherapy spiritual development and environmental perspective (80 hours) / course “Aspects of illicit drug use.”
Specialization courses and residential camps are optional, the students can participate according to the specialization they opt for, to achieve 600 credits.

Basic Training Course Diploma