Dr. Gina Chiriac is a psychologist, an Integrative psychotherapist, European trainer and supervisor, certified in relational integrative psychotherapy (EICP), founder and president of ARPI (Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy), the first accredited integrative psychotherapy training school in Romania, founder and president of IESTCA (European Institute of Studies for Therapy of Children and Adolescents) and Founder of the Neuropsy Institute. Center for Research, Neurofeedback, QEEG, Brain Map, Heart Math and Integrative Psychotherapy.
After the prohibition and outlawing of the of the study of psychology for more than 50 years by the communist regime, Dr. Chiriac successfully accredited the first training program in Integrative psychotherapy in Romania at the national and European level, through her training school of psychotherapists, ARPI.
As founder of ARPI she created training programs with her Romanian-English team and has more than 2000 graduates, integrative psychotherapists, certified by the accreditation forums in Romania, as well as in Europe. Dr Gina Chiriac is also creating training programs for coaches, counsellors and facilitators, accredited by national and European forums.
These programs are created to help people develop and improve the necessary skills for the profession and to help them obtain their professional diploma in coaching.
Dr. Chiriac lead groups and teams in trainings and advanced workshops on brain functions studies, Integrative psychotherapy, neuroscience and practicing meditation techniques.
These workshops were created for helping people became aware of the opportunities in their life and show them how to change the course of their career.
Dr. Gina Chiriac teaches various psychotherapy courses, organizes workshops and conferences.
She works as a Coach, Counsellor and Facilitator for managers, organizing sessions with to develop people develop their leadership capabilities.
Her Private Practice is both live and online, with areas of focus such as working with individuals, couples and teams, dealing with relationship issues, personal development, emotional intelligence, communication abilities awareness and conflict resolution.
Over the years, she has held more than 2,500 workshops and residential camps, summer/winter classes, with more than 150,000 participants, and has accumulated more than 50,000 hours working with clients in her private practice.
Her public appearances include TV appearances in which she talks about various psychotherapy topics; she is also keynote speaker at various conferences in psychology and mental health, but also at medical conferences.
She is the author of the book: Therapeutic answers for every day (2009), and of various psychology and psychotherapy scientific articles.

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