• Supervision in integrative psychotherapy (200 hours)
  • Clinical supervision supervised in practice (400 hours)

Supervision takes place in 7 modules during two years, with the following supervisors>

  • Dr. Gina Chiriac,
  • Dr. Ken Evans,
  • Dr. Joanna Evans,
  • Dr. Joanna Kato,
  • Dr. Angela Carr 
  • Dr. Marusa Zaletel.

The cost of a supervision module is 140 de euro.

We hold group supervision seminars and  individual supervision which ensure the development of the psychotherapeutic process in which the cases of clients are presented and analysed along with the work of the supervisee. 

Supervision is also a process of sustaining ethical and professional values  and mantaining the quality of the therapeuthic act. 

A major objective of the supervision is defining a personal style of interventions and experimenting the co-creation of the therapeutic relation, deepening the knoweledge and applying the theoretical techniques adapted to the specifics of the therapeuthic intervention. 

Supervision in integrative psychotherapy (200 hours):

  • 1. What is the supervisee?
  • 2. What is the supervision?
  • 3. Supervision elements.
  • 4. Forms and contexts of supervision.
  • 5. The behaviour of the supervisor.
  • 6. The interview with a future supervisor.
  • 7. The supervision contract.
  • 8. Using the supervision group.
  • 9. The benefits of group supervision.
  • 10. Conflict in supervision and its appearence 
  • 11. Methodological Appendix (Maria Gilbert & Michael Carroll)
  • 11.1. Bidirectional contract.
  • 11.2. The evaluation of the supervision session. 
  • 11.3. The evaluation sheet for the supervisee.
  • 11.4. The evaluation sheet.
  • 11.5. Exercise for introduction in supervision. 
  • 11.6. The sheet for emotional competences. 
  • 11.7. The list of feelings.
  • 11.8. The list of ways to facilitate learning