• 1. Communication and therapy 30 hours - 10 credits
  • 2. Resistance to change, 30 ore –  10 credits
  • 3. Emotional inteligence,conduct and success in life , 30 hours10 credits
  • 4. „Shame – the hidden emotion or life’s conductor“, 30 hours15 credits
  • 5.„From the objective reality to everyone’s reality. Quantum integrative psychotherapy“, 50 hours- 20 credits
  • 6. “The interdisciplinary approach to illicit drugs consumption. Specific intervention techniques of integrative psychotherapy ”,  30 credits


1. Continuous training unfolds over 200 hours + 25 hours (theoretical supervision) and it’s achieved by participating at the continous training modules and at congresses and conferences and at the training program by working with basic training students, also by partcipating at the binomial workframes, at group and cartel worksframes also by having a probation of at least 25 hours with a senior supervisor.

2. Supervision training (50 hours + 25 hours) will be realised by participating at practical and theoretical training. 

2.1. The theorethic part contains notions regarding the evaluation criteria as central element of the supervisor’s responsability, also evaluation criteria for competence, such as:

  • is the supervisee the creator of a coherent workframe in which theory is applied adequatly at the clinical practice;
  • how does the supervisee conceptualize the stages of therapy and the future directions in therapy;
  • observing if the intervation has ethical dilemmas and roles overlapping;
  • the supervisor’s aptitudes: flexibility, the multi-perspective vision, awarness, patience, impartiality and capacity of comprehension ;
  • developing a personal style of the supervisor in integrative psychotherapy;
  • ethical decisions in supervision, transparence and authenticity.

Types of supervision:

  • individual,
  • group supervision,
  • supervision by participating at the training process,
  • video or audio supervision.

2.2. At least 25 hours of supervision with a senior supervisor

Continous training unfolds annualy and you can obtain 10 credits for each of the modules described above.

It addresses:

  • psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellers who wish to participate at the continous training program.

Conditions for participating at the training program are in line with national and european reglementations. 

Methods for selecting participants in the training program:

  •  selection to enrollment in the training program is made after the participation of each student at an interview after submitting the registration file;
  • After this initial assessment , the applicant will be notified if can participate in the training program
  • After completing the basic training , selection will be made for supervision throughout the basic training and after having completed the evaluation at the end of the 600 hours training.