ARPI basic training

The training program is conducted under the European Association for Psychotherapy and complies with the E.A.I.P.  formative standards

Personal development

The personal development phase of the training includes 200 hours made ​​in monthly training modules .


Psychotherapy Supervision

Group supervision seminars and individual supervision are ensured for the ongoing psychotherapeutic process .


Continuous training

Access to the rank of trainer and supervisor will be achieved through participation in accredited CPR courses , congresses and conferences and specific residential camps .


ARPI Specialization Training Courses

Specialization Training Courses



 Home to the Integrative Psychotherapy in Romania

The english-romanian training program, in masteral system, runs with the accreditation of the College of Psychologists from Romania and under the aegis of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

ARPI is an E.A.I.P. representative in Romania for obtaining the European Integrative Psychotherapist Certificate. ARPI is full member E.A.I.P.  

These days the General EAIP Meeting takes place at Zagreb. The Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherpy, ARPI, Romania, is represented by President Dr. Gina Chirac, who attents the event with other presidents of European schools of psychoterapy. 






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IMG_1581 (1)By now I imagine you will all have heard the sad news of the death of Professor Ken Evans, (D.Psych; P.G. Dip Soc Admin; BSc; Dip G.P.T.I; Dip Scpti; FRSA; FEAIP; Hon.Member EAGT)). Ken  died suddenly and unexpectedly at our home in France on July 15th.

Many of you knew Ken through working with him in training and some of you had visited the farm in Normandy.  Ken’s work with ARPI was very important to him, especially his  relationships with colleagues and students.  He loved being in Romania, working at the school and supporting the growth of Integrative Psychotherapy.   He was very pleased that the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, of which he was president, held their conference in Bucharest in May 2015, the conference being hosted by ARPI in collaboration with another integrative association from Romania.

Ken was founder and co- director the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies.

Ken was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.  In September 2014 he was elected an Honorary member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy for his significant contribution to Gestalt therapy. He facilitated Master classes for experienced therapists in the UK, France and Europe. He was founder and editor of the European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy. He was a Visiting Trainer at several European training centres and was particularly interested in the interface between spirituality and therapeutic engagement in clinical practice and organisational settings as well as issues connected with Human Rights and Social Responsibility.  In 2012 he was elected a Visiting Professor of Psychotherapy to the University of South East Europe – USEE.

He was the Founding President (1996-99), and Registrar (2004 and 2013) of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP). In 2013 he was elected President of EAIP again after twenty years.

In December 2009 the Board of Trustees and Chair of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy awarded Ken a Certificate for his Outstanding Contribution to UKCP and Services to Psychotherapy.

Ken was President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) 2002-2008 and President of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) 1994-95. Ken had been awarded European certification with EAP, EAGT and EAIP.   At the time of his death he was President of EIATSCYP the  European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People

He was co-author with Linda Finlay of the book: Relational Centred Research for  Psychotherapists: exploring meanings and purpose,  published by Wiley-Blackwell in September 2009.  He co-authored two other books with Maria Gilbert on Psychotherapy Supervision, OUP, 2000 ( now published in 5 languages) and Integrative Psychotherapy, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 ( published also in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Romania). He also published many articles.

Ken as you know was an inspirational teacher.   He also loved the farm in Normandy and managed  to successfully combine sheep farming and his career in Psychotherapy.   Just before his death he was honoured and delighted to hear that he had been chosen to receive the Maslow Award for contributions to psychotherapy.  He will now receive this posthumously.  He had begun to plan the lecture he would give when he received it, sharing his belief in   ‘the need for a radical re-think of our relationship with nature and non human species, not simply for survival but for the reintegration of the human spirit’

Ken leaves me, his wife, children, grandchildren and many friends colleagues and students, who love and miss him and who have been deeply impacted by knowing him and by being part of his life.

As his epitaph he had chosen the following:

Live life fully

Love Generously 

Become all that you can be.  

His life was a manifestation of his desire to do this.  He leaves an enormous legacy, one which we can all continue, by remembering his teachings.   ‘Look for him amongst his friends.’   Ken sometimes commented how many students he had taught, how many people they would see and help, and how many lives would, be impacted.  Through us Ken will live on.

I would like to thank Gina and Coralina, friends, colleagues and students in ARPI who remember Ken with love and appreciation.   You all meant a great deal to him.

Joanna Hewitt Evans 



We are the beginning of the Integrative Psychotherapy in Romania! - Psychotherapy courses

Residential Camps 2015:

9th -13th of March 2015  – Couple and Sexuality. Techniques and work methodes used in integrative psychotherapy - Gina Chiriac

8th -11th  of June 2015  -  Supervision Camp. Advanced methods for interventions specific to integrative psychotherapy. Turkey – Gina Chiriac

15th -19th of July 2015  - The annual camp in Normandy - Ken and Joanna Evans

26th -30th  of August 2015  - Couple Therapy- Psychosomatic approach. Mamaia – Gina Chiriac

 5th -9th  of October 2015   - The body’s music in the integrative therapeutic process – Psychosomatic approach.Gina Chiriac

2nd – 6th of November 2015  - Dreams and the unconscious. The flight to the unkown – Integrative methods for approaching the intrapsychic content.Gina Chiriac

The A.R.P.I. Mision, Vision and Values


  • Learning basic theoretical knowledge by studying formative psychotherapy techniques
  • Practical applications made ​​to acquire the necessary skills for the psychotherapeutic practice
  • Teaching the ethics and deontology of the legislative aspects necessary for the therapeutic practice
Our vision

We would like to build professional answers to complex problems that occur in our lives through a holistic approach in which mind, body and spirit find their resources and answers.

ARPI Mission
Being a professional association for training and specialization in psychotherapy, through the work frame specific to this profession, we propose to know the human being with the help of some comprehensive ideas which have the capacity to cross the existing disciplines and if combined would result in a richer understanding of the Self, which defines and characterizes the Human Being in a relational context with himself and others.
The ​​ARPI Values

  • We promote in Romania the principles of integrative psychotherapy .
  • We train psychotherapists in order to be able to use the new integrative perspective in their therapeutic work.
  • We implement the holistic approach in ther therapeutic work.
  • We promote a high standard of ethics and clinical practice.

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