Personal development has 200 hours in training modules and 20 hours of Individual Psychotherapy.

  • 1. Self image, self esteem and self confidence (20 hours)
  • 2. Emotional intelligence and stress management (40 hours)
  • 3.Communication and social skills (30 hours)
  • 4.Creative problem solving  (30 hours)
  • 5. Individual and group therapy. About beliefs  (40 hours)
  • 6. Personal development techniques  (40 hours)


The personal development program offered by the Romanian Integrative Psychotherapy Association is credited by COPSI and EAIP.


At the end of the courses the participants at the personal development program receive the participation certificate. Students from outside the field of psychology can participate in ther personal development program, being able to use the certificate in order to optimize their CVs.

The obtained certificate and the personal development hours represent a mandatory condition in order to participate at the basic training program and for achieving the integrative psychotherapist certificate.